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Deals massive non-type damage to all enemies, doubles crew’s ATK for 1 turn, makes their [RCV][TND] slots have matching slot effects for 3 turns, and if character is a Captain/Friend Captain/Helper Captain with an active Captain Ability, becomes Gear 4: Tankman when the number of [RCV] slots consumed during the quest is 10 or more (becomes ...

One Piece Treasure Cruise – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy… One Piece Treasure Cruise is a new iOS and Android RPG based off of the most popular Manga in Japanese history. This pirate-themed game is loaded with both story and with an active battling system that puts an unusual degree of strategy and speed into the normally action-starved world of mobile... 10 One Piece Treasure Cruise Tips and Tricks -… One Piece Treasure Cruise lets players choose a guest captain to assist them in battle.Making a guest captain your friend will give you access to his special captain abilities.It changes in every turn and if you are lucky, the slot display will show the same type. One Piece Treasure Cruise Missions | One Piece Treasure … One Piece Treasure Cruise guide. The ultimate OPTC guide.21 thoughts on “One Piece Treasure Cruise Missions”. Luke saysThe problem is you can’t use shooting spree to beat anything seeing as it’s a slow changer ability and not a damage ability.

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One Piece Treasure Cruise is roleplaying game but a lighter version. This game focuses on gaining crew members. These crew members then are your companionsYour ability to click during intense moments and on the right timing will dictate on how you will be successful in this superb mobile game. FCSwap :: One Piece Treasure Cruise Friend Codes ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE features intuitive tap controls that’ll have you sending foes flying in no time! Tap your characters at the right time to form combos and deal massive damage! What’s more, each character possesses unique special abilities that make battles even more exciting!

Jul 06, 2015 · New version of One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack is finally available! It works brilliant on all Android and iOS devices. It doesn’t matter if you have iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or iPod Touch – as logn as you can run the game on your device, you will be able to use our One Piece Treasure Cruise Cheats!You won’t need to have your device rooted or jailbroken – it’s extremly easy to use and

Ace D - One Piece Treasure Cruise Global - One Piece Treasure Cruise - Global! OPTC - Global ... Freely switch orbs between slots twice, amplifies orb effects by 2x for 1 turn ... a very strong special ability ... One Piece Treasure Cruise Game Review (iPhone) | Funcurve

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Tandem Attacks | ONE Piece Treasure Cruise Ultimate Strategy Characters with a deep connection can attack together! All ready! When you have the right characters in your crew, and the TND icon appears in one of their slots, you're all ready for a tandem attack.